Elevating the Station: A New Style of Transportation Center

Preliminary Egress and Plan for the Proposed Transportation Center for the Spartan Superway Project: 3rd and Fourth Floor (Top Left), 2nd Floor (Top Right), and First Floor (Bottom)

A unique challenge for the Spartan Superway Project is the development of a new style of transportation center. The Automated Transit System (ATN) did not have a case study to research what the requirements of a station of this type would require. Due to this, I researched different types of transportation centers and Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Stations. Two of the most significant findings in my research was the Tempe Transportation Center and the PRT Station in Masdar.

Tempe Transportation Center (https://customer.djc.com/stories/images/20091028/AE_Tempe_Transit_1_big.jpg)

The Tempe Transportation Center allowed for a possible program to be developed to make the Transportation Center more than just an ATN Station. Tempe has office space, retail, and restaurants incorporated with a Transportation Office to allow the buildings to have life more than just the station.

Masdar PRT Station (http://www.prtconsulting.com/galleries/gallery11/05.jpg)

The Masdar PRT Stations play a huge factor in the development of the plan for the ATN Station within the center. This style of Station allows for Multiple Pods to stop while allowing for other Pods to enter and exit freely. This layout was used to develop the beginnings of an elevated station in the Transportation.


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